Review: Italian Christmas Pudding Diffuser & Colombian Rose Candle

Reviewed by: Lynne from The Redcliffe Peninsular 

Review Date: 06 December 2018


I was given a Coco Botanicals Candle and Reed Diffuser to review and I was really impressed to begin with by the presentation.

The Reed Diffuser arrived in a gorgeous solid box with molded rubber insert to hold it in place during transit. The candle was in a beautiful branded fabric bag. I couldn’t believe how much trouble they’d gone to, to ensure the safety of the products. Absolutely gorgeous and luxurious packaging!

I opened the Reed Diffuser first. The fragrance was named Italian Christmas Pudding and the scent was very ''Christmassy''. I thought it smelt like Speculaas Cookies. Ginderish and spicy. I placed it in the toilet to begin with, but every time I visited the little room I got hungry for Speculaas. Now it lives in the kitchen and when people enter the kitchen it smells as if I’m baking cookies. This is perfect to create Christmas atmosphere.

Next I opened my favourite – the candle. It came in a large glass jar with a glass lid. The label was beautifully finished with on trend colours, including gold trim and a pineapple logo. I think it would look appealing in any décor.

Each time I blow out the candle and replace the lid, it holds in the fragrance and it smells just like new again the next time I open it. When I open the lid, the gorgeous Colombian Rose aroma wafts out. I love rose fragranced candles. So subtle and romantic smelling.

The candle lights easily and radiates a warm atmosphere and gently fills the air with its romantic aroma. After the candle had been burning for a couple of hours, my whole apartment had taken on a very warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The candle burns very well. I love lighting it. The wick is strong and sustained the candle to the end, which was many hours of burning.

Coco Botanicals has made a great product with their luxury candles.

They are quite affordable when you compare them to other luxury candle brands especially when you factor in their longer than usual burn times.

If you are looking for a new candle brand to try or the perfect Christmas gift that will look and smell luxurious I strongly suggest you check them out!

Presentation: 5/5

Burn Performance: 4/5

Strength: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5