Koh Tao


Be captivated by the unique scent of Coconut, Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime and softly drift away to one of Thailand's most beautiful beaches - Koh Tao.

Known for its palm fringed beaches and amazing sea life, this candle will have you making travel plans asap!

Scent: Coconut // Lemongrass // Kaffir Lime Leaf


{Large Candle - Limited Time}

Perfumed wax poured into large white or blue vessels (depending on scent type), wrapped in premium tissue paper, decorated with exotic feathers and tied with our signature ribbon.

Weight: 350g // 70+hrs


{Luxe Travel Candle}

Perfumed wax encased in gold metal, wrapped in premium tissue paper and tied with our signature ribbon. 

 Weight: 160g / 25+hrs

Our handmade candles are created using our house blend of premium waxes infused with essential oils and fine fragrances to give you a unique and captivating aroma with a strong scent throw.


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